Sea to Sea | Ashley & Elyssa are cycling to help end poverty!

The Sea to Sea is a cross-country bike ride that covers 6,759 km across Canada and the US. The goal of Sea to Sea is to move people out of the trap of poverty into lives of dignity by educating people, inspiring them to action, and enabling World Renew to fight poverty. Ashley and Elyssa have committed to fundraising $18,000 to support this important cause. They appreciate all the support they can get! To support the cause, please click the link: Together we can make a difference!


Resources for Lent

Focus on the Cross - "So, what are you giving up for Lent?" Has anybody ever ask you that question? Lent does involve self-denial, but it’s much more. It’s a season to focus on the hope of Jesus Christ. Receive a free Today Devotional series to help you refresh, refocus, and renew your faith during Lent. Subscribe at

Give it up for the Earth! Citizens for Public Justice is launching a faith-in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada. "The early church looked to Jesus' example and developed a practice of fasting during the 40 days leading up to Easter. This practice has evolved over the years and many Christians now mark Lent by "giving up" a bad habit or distracting practice. This symbolic sacrifice provides space to reflect and refocus, tune-in to our Christian calling, and renew our commitment to God." To learn how you can join CPJ in this campaign, visit

Lenten Services

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Maundy Thursday

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Easter Sunday

Missed a Sunday? Go to Hear a Message. Text of Pastors David and Brittney Salverda's messages may be read on their blog, Life in the Vine.



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